Department of Medical Assistance Services

DMAS responsibilities are to administer Virginia’s Medicaid program, providing access to high quality, comprehensive health care services to those Virginians who qualify for our programs.

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How To Apply For Medicaid

To apply for Virginia Medicaid contact the Department of Social Services in the city or county where the applicant lives. A face-to-face interview is not required. A Medicaid application must be filed and it must be signed by the applicant unless it is completed and signed by the applicant’s legal guardian, committee, attorney-in-fact or authorized representative. Applicants for Medicaid are asked to:
  • Provide Social Security numbers;
  • Confirm they are Virginia residents;
  • Confirm U.S.citizenship or provide documentation of alien status;
  • Verify income and resources;
  • Submit bills for medical services received in the past three months;
Once a completed application is received, the local Department of Social Services will determine whether the applicant meets a group covered by Virginia’s Medicaid Program and if the applicant’s resources and income are within the required limits. The amount of income and resources the applicant can have and be eligible for Medicaid depends on how many people the applicant has in their family and the covered group.

An eligibility decision will be made on the applicant’s Medicaid application within 45 days or 90 days if a disability determination is needed. The local Department of Social Services will send the applicant a written notice that their application has either been approved or denied. If the applicant disagree with the decision made by the local Department of Social Services, they may file an appeal.