Department of Medical Assistance Services
Welcome to the Department of Medical Assistance Services' Pharmacy Website. The purposes of this site are to provide DMAS service providers, other DMAS business associates and special interest groups with general knowledge of pharmaceutical programs being implemented and to serve as a reference guide for any pharmacy initiatives. This is a reference site for the Preferred Drug List and Prior Authorization Programs, as well as for information on upcoming changes.
Bullett Dose Optimization Prior Authorization Request Form (dmas-171)
Bullett Maximum Quantity Limits
Bullett Unit Dose Request Form (dmas-32)
Bullett Drug Utilization Review Board
Bullett Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee
Bullett Pharmacy Liaison Committee
Bullett Preferred Drug List
Bullett PDL Implementation Advisory Group
Bullett Prior Authorization for Weight Loss Drugs (dmas-172)
Bullett Reports and Presentations
From time to time DMAS sends email announcements about issues such as the publication of revised manuals, Medicaid memos, etc. on the Internet and other items of interest to Medicaid providers and the general public. To subscribe, send an email to: listsrv@dmas.virginia. On the subject line of the email form type "subscribe" without the quotes. This is an automated system if you put anything else on the subject line, you will not be added to the list. This is an unattended email server. It does not respond to incoming email.
For your PDL input send an email to:
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