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Virginia Medicaid provides an array of behavioral health and addiction and recovery treatment services through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) (through CCC Plus and Medallion 3), and through the Behavioral Health Services Administrator, which are contracted by DMAS.


2018 CCC Plus Transition: CMHRS, Behavioral Therapy and Peer Support Services
Chapters from the Psychiatric Services, Residential Treatment Services, and Community Mental Health Rehabilitative Services (CMHRS) Manuals – Updated February 6, 2018.

The updated chapters are posted at:

Changes to Approved Degrees in Human Services and Related Fields for QMHP Registration – The Department of Health Professions has updated the Guidance Document Pertaining to the degrees a person may obtain to qualify as a Qualified Mental Health Professional-Adult (QMHP-A) or Qualified Mental Health Professional-Child (QMHP-C) – Effective February 9, 2018.
This document can be found here

New Residential Treatment Services Manual – Posted June 30, 2017
(The Residential Treatment Services Provider Manual is finalized and posted at: Select the Residential Treatment Services Manual from the drop down menu. Please use this final version for the Residential Treatment Services Manual.)

2017 Changes to Residential Behavioral Health Services.
Residential Program Process.

Notices related to regulatory and manual updates, including dates for public comment periods, are posted on the Virginia Regulatory Townhall Website at:

Clarification to the provider requirements for Behavioral Therapy Services - 5/14/2018


Magellan of Virginia serves as the Behavioral Health Services Administrator or "BHSA" and is responsible for the management and administration of the behavioral health benefit programs under contract with DMAS. Magellan of Virginia works with individuals who are in the fee-for-service Medicaid benefit, Governor’s Access Plan (GAP), and members enrolled in CCC Plus health plans for CMHRS services as well as children in need of Residential Treatment Services in any Medicaid benefit. For more information about Magellan of Virginia, please consult Magellan’s National Provider Handbook, the Magellan Virginia Provider Handbook,contact Magellan of Virginia at: 800-424-4536 or,
or visit:


Some Medicaid enrollees may receive primary and acute care through Medicaid contracted Medallion 3.0 managed care organizations (MCOs). For these Medallion 3.0 MCO enrollees, assessment and evaluation, and outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse therapy services (individual, family, and group) are handled through the individual’s Medallion 3.0 MCO. The community mental health rehabilitative services are carved-out of the Medallion 3.0 MCO contracts and are covered by the BHSA, for Medallion 3.0 MCO enrollees, in accordance with DMAS fee-for-service established coverage criteria and guidelines. The Medallion 3.0s are responsible with providing care coordination to enrollees by assisting with referrals to carved out services and covering transportation for carved-out services. For information about Medallion 3.0 Medicaid MCO coverage, please visit:


CCC Plus is a managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS) program. This mandatory Medicaid managed care program serves individuals with complex health care needs through an integrated delivery model that includes medical services, behavioral health services and long-term services and supports.

Effective January 1, 2018, CMHRS transitioned to CCC Plus for CCC Plus enrolled members. The BHSA no longer administers CMHRS for CCC Plus enrolled members. The CCC Plus MCOs are utilizing DMAS’ current CMHRS coverage criteria and program requirements. For more information about the CCC Plus MCO coverage, please visit:


On April 1, 2017, Virginia’s Medicaid Program launched an enhanced substance use disorder treatment benefit – Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS). For more information, please visit the ARTS webpage.


The Governor’s Access Plan (GAP) launched in January 2015 to expand healthcare services in Virginia. GAP is a Medicaid plan that provides limited medical and behavioral health care coverage for low income individuals with Serious Mental Illness (SMI).
For more information, please visit: the GAP webpage.

For any questions regarding DMAS behavioral health services, contact the DMAS Behavioral Health Service Administrator, Magellan of Virginia at: 1-800-424-4046. Website: