Department of Medical Assistance Services
If your child has Medicaid, FAMIS or FAMIS Plus, dental services will be provided through the Smiles For Children program beginning July 1, 2005. DentaQuest USA will coordinate the services for Smiles For Children. If you need help finding a dentist or making a dental appointment, please call 1-888-912-3456 to speak with a Smiles For Children representative.
- Your child will receive the same dental benefits with easier access to participating dentists
- You should only use dental providers enrolled in the Smiles For Children program
Member Handbook and Provider Directory
When to See the Dentist - English and Spanish Versions
Fact Sheet for Pregnant Women Enrolled in Medicaid and FAMIS MOMS
Oral Health Matters Pregnancy and Age One - English and Spanish Versions
Dental Care for Teens - English and Spanish Versions
Smiles For Children Brochure
Member Education
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